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Employment & Jobs, National Security & Terrorism Are Top Issues Connecticut Voters Will Consider on Election Day, Survey Finds

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With Election Day less than two months away, 7 in 10 state residents say that employment and jobs, along with national security and terrorism, are “very important” issues that they will consider when deciding on candidates to select for President, Congress and state offices. The state’s 36 Senate and 151 House seats will be determined on Election Day on November 8, along with the state’s five members of Congress, one U.S. Senate seat, and President/Vice President of the United States.

The Connecticut Consumer Confidence Survey, a quarterly poll which asks one question relevant to a trending topic, asked state residents which of 14 issues they considered to be “very important” when voting for President, Congress and state legislative offices. More than 70 percent said that employment and jobs were very important for all elective offices, with 78 percent saying their vote for state offices would be impacted, 77 percent indicating it would influence their votes in Congressional races, and 73 percent responding that their Presidential vote would be affected by the employment and jobs issues.

Overall, of the 14 issues queried, state residents indicated that six issues would impact their votes in state contests more than the Presidential or Congressional races. Those six are: employment and jobs, healthcare, education, taxes, government budgets, and immigration.

The issues deemed more important to voters when considering candidates for the Presidency or Congress included national security and terrorism, income inequality, gun policies, criminal justice, climate change, foreign affairs, and social issues. Congressional candidates are more accountable, compared with candidates for President and state legislative seats, on the issues of criminal justice and climate change, according to survey respondents.

After the issue of employment and jobs, the highest ranked issues that more than half of voters described as very important in considering candidates they will vote for were: national security and terrorism, healthcare, education, taxes, income inequality, gun policies (President), and government budgets (State). Issues cited by less than half of those surveyed include criminal justice, immigration, climate change, foreign affairs, social issues and trade with other countries.

The impact of issues on residents’ election choices was included in the quarterly Connecticut Consumer Confidence Survey which is released by InformCT, a public-private partnership that provides independent, non-partisan research, analysis, and public outreach to help create fact-based dialogue and action in Connecticut. Administered by researchers from the Connecticut Economic Resource Center, Inc. (CERC) and Smith & Company, the analysis is based on the responses of residents across Connecticut and addresses key economic issues, providing a glimpse of the public’s views. A sample size of 506 was utilized, during the second quarter of 2016.