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Connecticut Towns and Cities Benefit from Transformational Economic Development Workshops

To assist Connecticut’s local public officials and volunteers with strengthening their local economy, CERC has presented a unique municipal economic development workshop to nearly 50 towns and cities across the state to date. The free, 90-minute session, entitled “Fundamentals of Municipal Economic Development,” is geared to all within a municipality who impact economic development and designed to get everyone working collaboratively. Upcoming workshops are scheduled in: Seymour – March 29; Brookfield – April 4; Waterford – April 13; Stonington – April 20; and Branford – May 2.

“Economic development is a critical component of any community’s strategic plan, and municipalities, now more than ever, need to understand and use the tools to maintain and expand their tax base, and boost their local efforts,” said Bob Santy, CERC’s President and CEO.

The session examines the role of the community’s economic development team – from the mayor/first selectmen and town/city managers, to finance directors, public safety officials and planning & zoning coordinators, as well as board and commission members – and how local strategies and activities are impacted by the state, region and global economy. The training’s objective is to help communities be business-ready, sustain an attractive business environment while maintaining the character of their community, and tap into the state’s many advantages as a premier business location.

“It is a transformational approach to economic development, providing solid data and operational models that can help community leaders - elected officials and volunteers - set priorities and seize opportunities,” explains Courtney Hendricson, CERC’s Vice President of Municipal Services. “There is so much that local communities can do to retain businesses, help them to expand, and attract new companies, which helps their local tax base grow and the overall state economy flourish.”