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Connecticut Economic Resource Center Receives Recognition from Northeastern Economic Development Association

CERC has been presented with an award for Overall Excellence in Economic Development Marketing by the Northeastern Economic Development Association (NEDA).

CERC is a nonprofit corporation and public-private partnership that provides economic development services, working closely with an extensive network of state, regional, local and utility partners to leverage Connecticut’s unique advantages as a premier business location. CERC offers expertise in economic development, marketing, research and real estate capabilities, and provides businesses with the information they need to start or expand in the state.

The NEDA award honors the marketing work that CERC has produced over the last year, including the Celebrate CT event magazine, widely-used Town Profiles and recent CERC.com redesign. The designation was presented on October 2 in Providence, Rhode Island at the annual NEDA Conference with more than 150 economic development delegates from across the Northeast in attendance.

“Having earned a reputation in Connecticut for excellence in economic development, the recognition from our economic development peers across the Northeast further strengthens our value and contribution to the community,” said Kristi Sullivan, vice president of marketing.

NEDA represents over 500 members throughout the eleven northeastern states (CT, DE, ME, MD, MA, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, and VT) and the District of Columbia, drawing from traditional economic development entities (local, state, and federal government together with the private-sector); utilities; real estate brokerage/development; law firms; banks; and planning, engineering, and environmental consulting firms. Most are professionals in the field or appointed/elected officials who serve on boards and commissions.

Each year, NEDA convenes the region’s largest conference of practitioners and thinkers who learn and do business together. This year’s theme was “Crossing Borders: Geographic. Cultural. Economic. Disciplinary.” Four members of CERC’s leadership were conference speakers: Robert Santy, president and CEO, presented “Bridging the Divide of Institutions of Higher Learning for Economic Developers”; Jason Giulietti, vice president of business recruitment, and Courtney Hendricson, vice president of municipal services, presented “Global to Local – Preparing Your Communities for Your State’s International Recruitment Efforts”; and Kristi Sullivan presented “Best Practices – Discussion of NEDA Marketing Award Winners.”