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Connecticut Economic Resource Center Launches Podcast Series to Share Economic Growth Strategies

The Connecticut Economic Resource Center (CERC) has launched a new way of sharing insights, strategies, initiatives, and programs to grow and support Connecticut’s economy. The weekly CERC podcast - CERCONOMY – is now available to listeners on the CERC website, www.cerc.com.

Each week, key members of the CERC team, as well as guests from partner organizations, share the latest information and trends related to research-based data, municipal economic development, real estate, international business recruitment, marketing, and resources for current – and potential – businesses in Connecticut.

“The podcasts offer another way for us to share expertise that can provide current and prospective business, municipalities and economic development organizations with knowledge and insight that can help them succeed and grow Connecticut’s economy,” said Robert Santy, President and CEO of CERC.

The CERCONOMY podcasts will regularly feature insights from CERC experts Robert Santy, President & CEO; Alissa DeJonge, Vice President of Research; Jason Giulietti, Vice President of Business Recruitment; Courtney Hendricson, Vice President of Municipal Services, and Kristiana Sullivan, Vice President of Marketing.

Topics for the initial podcasts include Trends Affecting Connecticut Industries, Overcoming Immigration Barriers for International Business, The Fundamentals of Municipal Economic Development, Attracting Business Investments to Connecticut, and Setting Up a Successful Manufacturing Operation in Connecticut.

The podcasts can be accessed on the CERC website at www.cerc.com/podcast, and will soon be available on iTunes, which will make it possible for individuals to subscribe and receive the latest episodes directly.
The Connecticut Economic Resource Center, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation and public-private partnership that drives economic development in Connecticut by providing research‐based data, planning and implementation strategies to foster business formation, recruitment and growth.