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Connecticut Local Economic Development Survey 

The Connecticut Local Economic Development Survey is coordinated by the University of Connecticut Extension in partnership with the Connecticut Economic Resource Center (CERC), the Connecticut Economic Development Association (CEDAS) and the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities (CCM).  The purpose is to understand who is involved in economic development activities in Connecticut and how economic development strategies are conducted at the local level over time.

CT is Worse Now Than 25 Years Ago, Survey Finds; Young People Are Most Upbeat, More Residents Say It’s Likely They’ll Be Leaving

– Is Connecticut getting worse or getting better? A majority of state residents say that Connecticut has become a worse place to live over the last 25 years ago. A statewide survey found that 56 percent say things have gotten worse since 1992, while 20 percent hold the opposite view – that Connecticut is a better place to live than it was in 1992. Twelve percent say it’s the same.