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Consumer Confidence Survey

The Connecticut Consumer Confidence Survey provides an ongoing measure of consumer confidence in the Connecticut Economy. The survey is being administered for InformCT by the Connecticut Economic Resource Center, Inc. Based on the responses of randomly selected Connecticut residents across each county, the analysis addresses key economic issues such as overall confidence, reactions to housing prices, upscale consumer purchases, leisure spending and current investments.

The Connecticut Consumer Confidence Survey is a valuable market research tool that can benefit most companies doing business in the state. While the quarterly survey contains core questions that are designed to measure the level of consumer confidence in the economy, companies can use the tool as a cost-effective way to conduct insightful proprietary research. By piggy-backing questions onto the core survey, subscribers have the ability to evaluate responses by geography and by demographic characteristics for an affordable fee. Prospective users include financial services institutions, health care providers, insurers, developers. utilities, trade associations, advertisers and more.

Whether you want to gauge customer satisfaction, test reactions to a new product, see if your advertising is making an impact, or evaluate attitudes on relevant issues, we would be happy to provide a no-obligation quote for your consideration.

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