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InformCT is a public-private partnership with a mission of providing independent, non-partisan research, analysis, and public outreach focused on issues in Connecticut, and to act as the convener for fact-based dialogue and action.  Through the Connecticut Data Collaborative, InformCT provides access to and use of accurate, transparent, shared data for improved policy and decision-making.

InformCT has an independent board that sets research priorities with input from stakeholders and collaborators. Partnership and collaboration with existing research and policy organizations are critical to the efficient and effective operation of InformCT.

InformCT provides regular benchmarking on critical factors that bridge policy and program areas, from crime to the economy, and from technology to social service programming. No other organization in Connecticut is focused on state-wide population level outcomes and recurring benchmarking, or possesses the organizational structure, funding model and mission to operate as an independent, non-partisan institute for research, analysis and public outreach.

Learn more about our Consumer Confidence Survey and Data Insights. And visit CTData to access federal, state, and nonprofit public data presented through interactive, web-based visualization software tools, such as the Early Childhood Development Instrument pilot project and Racial Profiling Prohibition Project.

InformCT is a tax exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Connecticut Data Collaborative is a program of InformCT.  If you are interested in contributing, partnering or learning more about our work please email us or call 860-571-7136.

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InformCT Board Officers and Directors include:
Bill Cibes
Will Dyson
Tyler Kleykamp
David Nee
Paula Palermo
Bennett Pudlin
Robert Santy
Shelly Saczynski
Andrea Scott
Beresford Wilson