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New Haven Parking Authority Parking Data Analysis

The New Haven Parking Authority, an agency serving the parking needs of New Haven residents and visitors with over 8,000 spaces in 7 garages and 15 surface lots, requested that CERC conduct an analysis of NHPA parking data in order to determine the mix of daily/short term (“transient”) parking and monthly parking, and to identify any parking trends as well as possible reasons for those trends.

CERC research analyzed data for FY 2010 to 2013 from all NHPA garages/lots, along with corresponding data from the US Census Bureau, the Town Green Special Services District and CT Transit, to arrive at an overview of trends and to isolate possible contributing factors.

Results showed that a cluster of downtown garages/lots experienced declines in transient parking, along with upticks in monthly parking. NHPA garages/lots in other parts of the City did not experience comparable decreases during the time frames reviewed.

Data specific to days of the week and times of day was not readily available; nevertheless CERC was able to identify certain likely reasons for the transient parking shift in the clustered garages/lots:

  • An increase in the residential population in the east side of downtown. Residents typically pay for monthly, rather than transient, parking.
  • Industry shifts resulting in more healthcare jobs with workers likely using provided parking, and lower-wage service industry jobs with workers likely using public transportation as a more affordable alternative.  
  • A decrease in the overall number of retail establishments in the area around the clustered garages/lots from 2012 to 2014.

CERC findings were presented to NHPA and City officials, who noted that road construction and parking rate increases in the area could also have contributed to the trends observed.

CERC’s research will assist NHPA as it sets its future strategy. NHPA is currently collecting parking data organized by time of day and day of the week, and this data, with targeted reliability and specificity, will enable NHPA to conduct more detailed monitoring of parking trends in the future. CERC plans to work with NHPA to analyze an additional year of data and test various scenarios.