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Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority (CRRA): Economic Impact of Recycling in CT

The Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority engaged CERC to provide research services to analyze the economic impact of recycling in Connecticut and promote findings on the contribution to the state’s economy from recycling activities.

CERC oversaw the data collection and analysis for the recycling impact study. Once the report was complete, CERC executed a PR plan to promote the results and help CRRA gain awareness of their recycling programs.

CERC presented a comprehensive set of economic impacts in the state associated with recycling activities. This analysis was used to promote its presence across the state to stakeholders, policymakers and the public. The study found that in Connecticut’s economy in 2012, recycling activity from businesses and households was estimated to generate over $746 million in sales and to create 4,860 jobs once all effects are accounted for. In value added measure of the increase in the wealth in an economy over a given period of time — the total impact from recycling in Connecticut was estimated to be $469 million.

The total impacts presented throughout the report were the accumulation of the direct, indirect and induced impacts as estimated by an IMPLAN input-output model. The direct effects are the basis of the economic activity modeled as the foundation of the total impact analysis. They are based on known or estimated data from various sources that informs the economic impact model. For the statewide analysis much of the data comes from the U.S. Census Bureau’s County Business Patterns data. 

CERC also provided marketing services to promote the results as well as support other CRRA initiatives. CERC coordinated an advertising campaign, including updating an ad about CRRA’s hazardous waste collection, and conducted a phone survey to local organizations about their Trash Museum which determined how visitors would perceive an increase in the admission cost.