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Connecticut Office of Early Childhood - Facilitated Discussions for Home Visiting Systems Recommendations

The Connecticut Office of Early Childhood needed to prepare a report with operational recommendations for the next three to five years that coordinated home visitation programs. The goal of an evidence-based home visiting program is to improve the health and development outcomes for children in need of home visiting services. The OEC assembled a Home Visiting Work Team that was discussing each of the recommendations and needed assistance with facilitating the discussions, synthesizing the information, and preparing a draft report that explained the recommendations.

CERC facilitated both the logistics and the discussions at all of the meetings and recorded the key information and insights gleaned through the process. We also collected demographic information and statistics related to the need of home visiting systems, and coordinated a matrix of all programs in the state. In addition, CERC facilitated the development of key metrics and performance indicators. Utilizing the key findings, we assisted in writing the strategy – the report explained, at a higher-level of detail for a wide audience including legislators and the general public, the guiding principles for each of the recommendations.