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Base Closing & Realignment Commission (BRAC)

The U.S. Department of Defense Base Closing and Realignment Commission (BRAC) conducted a detailed analysis of over 300 bases in 2005 to determine if they were to be highlighted for closure or realignment based on the force structure plan and the final criteria established under Public Law101-510.  CERC was asked to be part of the team preparing and presenting testimony in rebuttal of the recommended closing of the Groton-New London Sub Base.

The sub base faced a threat of closure, and evidence was sought to validate the need to keep the base open.

In partnership with the Governor’s Office, the Department of Economic and Community Development and the University of Connecticut, CERC prepared a detailed comparative analysis of the Groton, Newport News, and King’s Bay regions.  CERC’s research demonstrated that the Groton region had superior strengths in terms of abilities to handle submarines and military facilities.

After reviewing the findings, the commission took the sub base off the identified list.  The base was kept open, saving as many as 30,000 jobs.