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Interning with Municipal Services at CERC

Posted on by Sadie Colcord

Working in the Municipal Services Department at CERC this summer has been an amazing learning experience and has allowed me to engage in work that I am truly passionate about.  I was able to grow relationships with local government officials, develop a deeper understanding of economic development strategies for municipalities, and hone my proposal and grant writing skills.  I feel very fortunate to be working in a position that provides me so much personal satisfaction and one that allows me to give back to the state that I love.  

Below are a few of my favorite projects from the past few months.

  • North Haven transit-oriented development grant writing project: The Town of North Haven hired CERC to write a grant for funding for infrastructure improvements near the site of the train station that will be constructed in the coming months.  I enjoyed brainstorming and drafting a convincing argument on why North Haven deserves the funding over other towns applying for the grant.  While North Haven still has not heard whether it will be receiving the funding, I am confident that the hard work CERC put into this grant application coupled with the town’s advantage of utilizing the funds to capitalize on a transit projected already being engaged in by the State will bring fruitful results.
  • Somersville Mill project: For this project in Somers, CERC worked to obtain and administer grant funding for the demolition and remediation of a long-abandoned mill building.  After this process is completed, we will begin to market the site to developers interested in creating a vibrant, mixed-use building overlooking a beautiful reservoir.  This site has been an eyesore in town for decades, and it is exciting to see a pile of rubble and steel turn into a building that attracts new residents and further development to the area.  Growing relationships with the local officials has also been very rewarding, as they are so grateful for the help that CERC has given them throughout the redevelopment process.
  • DISC assessment: While this is not explicitly related to the work I do in the Municipal Services Department, the DISC survey has been a very memorable activity from this summer at CERC.  A DISC assessment, a component of Sandler Training, is a survey that informs you of your personality traits and behaviors that are relevant in the workplace.  It provides you behavioral information such as how you communicate best with others, under what conditions you work best, and how colleagues and acquaintances may perceive you.  My dominant personality type is S, meaning that I am calm, patient, a careful listener, and trustworthy while I am also averse to situations that bring uncertainty, a competitive work environment, and a need to give orders.  By becoming more aware of how I function best in the workplace, I can become a more effective employee overall.  I am grateful that I had the opportunity to take this survey because it will be useful for me for years to come.

While these are only a few of the projects I have worked on this summer, there are many more that have been interesting and educational.  I have no doubt that the work I will continue to engage in in the Municipal Services Department will be just as exciting.