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CERC Town Profiles™ and Data Accessbility

Posted on by Alissa DeJonge

CERC Town Profiles™ are a resource for many - entrepreneurs looking to determine markets and how to grow their business, real estate professionals who need to portray a region, municipalities conducting strategic planning and updates to plans of conservation and development, economic development professionals preparing context for grant and other funding requests, and the general public who are interested in learning more about their current or potential hometown.  

Listen as Michelle Riordan-Nold, Executive Director of the Connecticut Data Collaborative, chats with Alissa DeJonge, CERC’s Vice President of Research, about the mission and services of the CT Data Collaborative and the recently updated Town Profiles.

In partnership with CERC, the CT Data Collaborative makes the data that lives within the Town Profiles accessible to the general public. Shared in two different formats, the first, a two-page PDF that includes demographic, economic, fiscal, and education data for each of our 169 municipalities. The 54 data sets within the Town Profiles can also be accessed via an interactive database housed on ctdata.org, where the data can be seen across municipalities and over a specific time period. 

Town Profiles are valuable resource for viewing all of this data in a single place, and useful for comparing town data over time, or to compare towns relative to one another, and the state as a whole.