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Perception is in the Eye of the Beholder

Posted on by Kristi Sullivan


The clocks sprang forward this past weekend — which either means you lost an hour in the day, or you gained an hour of daylight. It depends on what your perception is, right? Which do you prefer, an hour lost or an hour gained?  Perception varies from person to person but is key to how you view things and how you make decisions. It’s also an important aspect in marketing and how you measure your success. 

A recent article I found on Inc.com titled, “Seth Godin Says the Answer to This 1 Question Will Measure Your Effectiveness of Your Marketing in 2019,” suggests that you ask this: If your brand were to disappear tomorrow, who would truly miss you?  This measure is based on the perception of your key targets.

Godin goes on to suggest the following principles for marketing business in 2019:

  1. Focus on community, not only customers - create a genuine connection
  2. Narrow your audience - be specific in your marketing and offerings
  3.  Don’t be everywhere online - in other words, less is more

How we view our audience and the ways we try to reach them is just as important as the ways they receive the messages and how they view our offerings. The chosen methods to connect to our audience... the relevance of our targets and the offerings we market... as well as the specific methods we use for communicating the offerings and making the connection — are all equal to creating the impact we want. Will your customers “miss you” if they suddenly don’t hear from you, or would they simply replace you if you disappeared? 

Perception is in the eye of the beholder.  

Now, what could you do with that extra hour of daylight?