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New Year, New You

Posted on by Kristi Sullivan

Welcome 2019!  It’s that time when many of us often reflect back on the year behind us, and dream about new things for the year ahead.  The New Year typically signifies a fresh start and consideration of resolutions (or intentions, which I prefer to call them) – whether personally for yourself or professionally for your organization. In either case, knowing your intended goal(s) is critically important to provide direction and help facilitate success to achieve the desired outcomes.

Perhaps you are looking to get healthier – so you need to have clarity around what that looks like (the goal) and then decide on specific steps to reach that goal (the plan).  For example, you may decide to go to a fitness class or work out at the gym 3-4 days a week for the next three months in order to have certain health benefits (or simply to feel more comfortable in your summer clothes!).

On the business side, this is the time of year to revisit your organization’s strategic plan and determine the appropriate efforts you need to focus on in 2019.  For example, you may decide that getting more clients, more visibility or more partnerships will benefit your organization – so plan out your marketing with milestones to achieve those goals within 3, 6 and/or 12 months.

I recently learned of an interesting exercise to assess the value of activities in your calendar (again this works both personally or professionally).  This reflective exercise requires at least an hour or two to inventory the appointments you had in 2018, determine which ones provided results versus those that didn’t provide much pay off – and then consider the positive or negative value if similar opportunities arise in 2019.  Taking the time do this type of assessment can help you decide on the direction and stay the course in striving to reach your goals. 

Lastly, not being overwhelmed is important to your process going forward – so check out my Top 5 Tools and Tips to Help You Stay Organized if you didn’t get a chance to already.  However you set yourself up for success, remember that “hope isn’t a strategy” (anyone know who gets credit for that quote?).  If you’d like any guidance in planning your 2019, give us a shout – CERC is here to help!