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Verifying Business Registration and Professional or Trade Licenses

Posted on by Beth Wallace

Happy Spring!!  It may not look or feel like spring but it is right around the corner.  In our house, we know spring is coming when we start talking about baseball tryouts and the desire to hit the fields.  Spring also marks a time when property owners start thinking about hiring contractors to fix all the winter damage to properties.  But do you think about whether a contractor is registered as a business or requires a license and have you verified that the contractor is licensed?  If not, you should.

If you are a business owner, you know all too well that Connecticut requires some form of business registration and potentially hold one or more license(s).   In addition, some professions or trades also require licensing.

As a customer purchasing the products and services from a business, professional or tradesman that requires licensing, it is extremely important that you protect yourself and be certain an active license is held.  Knowing if a license is required and that appropriate licenses are held can be complicated.

The good news is that the verification process does not have to be complicated.  The following Frequently Asked Question - How do I verify business registration and professional/trade licenses? - on our website provides an in-depth review of all the verification tools provided by the administering agencies. 
If you are still confused, simply contact our office and we are more than happy to walk you through the process.