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How Municipalities Can Market Commercial Real Estate Opportunities

Posted on by Sadie Colcord

Municipal Economic Development Marketing

Across Connecticut, CERC’s municipal and marketing experts have been helping elected officials and town staff market the available commercial real estate within their towns. As part of the team, I have discovered that the most important aspect of a successful marketing campaign is a multi-faceted, multimedia approach to remind people of the local development opportunities that exist. To illustrate this, let’s look at one of the smaller towns we are currently working with to execute a marketing campaign. Without marketing, the town would probably not be top of mind for a developer or broker in Connecticut because of its small size, despite its bountiful real estate opportunities, skilled workforce, and well-connected transportation system.

In this example, the focus was on attraction of industrial firms and exposure of numerous acres of developable land in town. After discussing priorities and goals with municipal staff and elected officials, CERC created a “brand” to be utilized throughout the campaign with a simple message - Need room to grow? The creative included designing a billboard to be located on a nearby interstate that would garner attention from both Connecticut residents (and possible business owners) as well as people passing through the state from the nearby New York market. The campaign also featured a business recruitment mini website produced by the CERC team where visitors will find information on the town and available commercial real estate and contact municipal staff to set up a meeting.

In addition, other channels where utilized to spread the word about the commercial real estate opportunities in the town. CERC created a booklet containing information on the town’s available commercial parcels that could be distributed to interested business owners, brokers, and developers, and placed two featured property listings on CERC SiteFinder®. A complimentary article was written for the New England Real Estate Journal to advertise these opportunities to the commercial real estate industry in the region.

Finally, to coincide with the marketing launch, developers, brokers, business owners, and other key players in the region will be invited to a tour of the two industrial parks in town. The tour will end with a laid-back reception (including a food truck!) and some words of thanks from elected officials and town staff in the hopes that this enjoyable experience will keep the town top of mind as these industry professionals go about their work. In fact, the entire multi-faceted approach of this campaign was designed to do just that – to remind people about the big possibilities in this small town.

If your town would benefit from a commercial real estate marketing campaign, please reach out so that we can discuss the best approach for your needs.