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How Can We Collaborate?

Posted on by Jason Giulietti


Touching base after a busy summer of speaking with groups around the state - economic development groups, municipalities, commercial brokers - and I often get the question, “How can we collaborate?”

My answer is often this: YOU are the important asset that helps us sell the state, the towns, and communities in Connecticut. Everyone who touches economic development - whether you’re with a company, a municipality, or an economic development agency - contributes to the overall success. Most helpful is for you to really know your community.  Look to your current community assets, and what are the things you want in your community. How can you build on your current industry strengths? How can you bring in supporting businesses and organizations?  Do you want to attract similar industries to invest?

So get to know the leadership of the companies and organizations in your town.  Not only will this help your town, but it will also help, by default, our state efforts for recruitment.

Please share what you learn with us so we can support your efforts at the local level, and work on the state level to complement the existing industries. The more we know, the more we can show off the incredible assets in Connecticut and the better our chances for attracting foreign investment. 

I encourage you to reach out to us here at CERC to work with us and collaborate on economic development for Connecticut!