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Global to Local

Posted on by Courtney Hendricson

During the Northeastern Economic Development Association annual conference in Providence, Rhode Island last week, CERC led a session titled, “Global to Local” focused on the business recruitment we do on behalf of the state of Connecticut, and how that translates to the local communities, and what the local communities need to do and be prepared for when a business is coming to their town.

It was a great session with an engaged audience.  We were really delighted to learn that Connecticut is on the cutting edge of municipal economic development with our training for elected and appointed officials - land use boards and commission members, as well as boards of selectmen, and town councils. We heard from several other states that they wish they had a mechanism like ours that allows them to better understand their part in the economic development equation - and what is needed for them to make the connections with their networks and house great businesses in their community.

This system is the Fundamentals of Municipal Economic Development - our “101 workshop” - that we host for our elected and appointed officials across Connecticut.  In September, my colleague Jason Giulietti and I held a webinar that addresses the importance of building local and regional economic development capacity. I encourage to you watch the recording