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Assessing the Feasibility of Proposed Commercial Real Estate Development

Posted on by Erron Smith

Hard to believe that there are only a few weeks left in 2017, but its true. 

This time of year, many organizations take a look back and evaluate the success of new paths traveled which may reflect an organizational strategy shift, or the launch of a new product or service option that was created and implemented throughout the year, consider adjustments, and make tweaks where necessary to enhance performance and increase the chances for success in the following year. 

Looking back on our year at CERC, I was pleased that we were able to create and deliver a program for our industry partners that highlighted available research and finance tools to assess the feasibility of proposed commercial real estate development projects.  We hosted our first “class” back in September.  Economic development officials were able to learn about creative solutions to overcome financing challenges, and the importance of evaluating various economic variables prior to project commitment.  And as an added benefit, commercial real estate practitioners that attended the program qualified for 3-credits toward their continuing education requirement. 

By all accounts, attendees that participated found the content informative and relevant to their job functions.  In fact, we have partnered with our friends at New Haven Middlesex Association of Realtors to deliver the program again on December 15th in North Haven.   We hope you will spread the word to your real estate contacts.  As we continue to consider new ideas and develop content for similar programs in the future, we’d love to hear from you regarding topics of interest that you would find beneficial to learn more about.