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A Website with HART

Posted on by Rebecca Mead

I was so fortunate to work, as part of the CERC marketing team, on the redesign and creation of a new online presence for HART United, a non-profit in North Haven, Connecticut, that provides support services to people with disabilities. 

New Website Goals

While their previous website served the organization well for over ten years, the HART United leadership team wanted a bigger, bolder, and mobile-friendly site and outlined their three priority goals during our initial strategy meeting:

  • A website to differentiate HART from other like-missioned organizations here in the state so to showcase the many support services provided;
  • A website that allows visitors to easily make online donations; and
  • A website that has a content management system allowing the organization to easily manage the regular updates on their own, and accommodate future functionality and growth opportunities.

Design Based on Visitor Needs

After analyzing how the existing website was performing, and how users interacted with the content, we crafted and presented two original design concepts for consideration, and during the revision process, we refined the visual and user flow to a design that aligns with the existing brand logo, incorporating engaging photos of the organization’s clients, and creating a design system for use online and offline keeping with overall brand consistency.

Once the design was final and the site had moved into the development phase, we turned our attention to the on-page content and imagery. We provided copywriting and content editing services, as well as recommending a photographer to capture images of HART United clientele.  When the development was complete, and the content inserted and proofed, the final site received approval, and we readied the site for launch. 

Baseline Search Engine Optimization was employed to help HART United rank for key search terms, and the site was launched to coincide with the Springtime Annual Appeal. 


Initial Performance

The resulting site is visually unique, makes it easy for visitors to become donors - both one-time and automatically renewing - and is built on the WordPress Content Management System so that the HART United team can easily update the site with new written and visual content, and can incorporate more advanced functionality as the organization requires.

Since the launch, the website has seen a significant uptick in the total number of visitors, as well as the number of first time visitors, and the total time spent the site - and is trending higher for people finding the website based on search.  We’ll continue to monitor the website traffic and conversions of visitors into donors or email subscribers, making adjustments as needed to maintain and grow these results. 

The CERC Marketing team thoroughly enjoyed working with HART United on the new website. Personally it was so rewarding - as I have a cousin with a developmental disability - so seeing, first-hand the respect that HART United has for their clients, the families, and the communities they work in made it plainly evident that the organization’s leadership and staff live their mission everyday.

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