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We Become Better without Always Keeping Score

Keeping Score

Been noticing a trend of late with articles, blogs, and studies being written about the essential factors that make entrepreneurs and business leaders, and in turn, their businesses, otherworldly successful. I’ve read articles advocating a 4:00 a.m. daily rise to take advantage of the day’s “quiet time,” and blogs that espouse the 20-step morning routines – complete with grueling workouts and smoothies made from a myriad of superfoods - conducted by leaders of fortune 500 companies. It seems that everyone is searching for that magic formula that, when followed, will deliver Richard Branson, Jack Welch, and Elon Musk levels of success.

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Being Prepared for the Site Selection Process

CERC, through our collaboration with Department of Economic and Community Development, has experienced an increase in activity with the site selection community. We are working with engaged organizations interested in creating sizable projects in the state of Connecticut. We are beginning to see more and more interest, which we hope, will lead to more investment and more announcements like InfoSys.

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by Jason Giulietti  |    |  Comments 

Regionalization and Collaboration in Economic Development

Hello and welcome to the March edition of the CERC e-news.

Many of you were likely at the Governor’s Economic Summit on Monday.  It was one of the best, I think, that we’ve had since Governor Malloy has been in office, with both his message, and the message from the Fiscal Stability and Economic Growth Commission.  Along with a panel discussing regionalization and collaboration in economic development, there was a workshop to talk through some of those issues.  I found that fascinating and those of you who’ve been around awhile know regionalization is something that I’ve studied and advocate.

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by Bob Santy  |    |  Comments 

To Business Leaders Key to Connecticut’s Economic Growth—We Need You

Hartford Connecticut

As announced this week that a team of public and private interests worked behind the scenes for months to recruit Infosys, a tech company based in India, to Hartford. Infosys will open one of its four planned “technology and innovation hubs” here, building a $21M center and creating an estimated 1,000 jobs in the next four years.

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by Patricia McLaughlin  |    |  Comments 

Achieving Municipal Economic Development Goals

We recently sent a letter to all of the senior level decision makers in cities and towns across Connecticut to let them know as municipal budget time approaches, CERC would like to help you achieve your economic development goals in the coming year.

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by Courtney Hendricson  |    |  Comments 

Locally-Made Ramps Up

I’m relatively new to Connecticut, as I’ve discussed in previous blog posts, and I’m having fun exploring my new state.

One of the trends I’m noticing is a greater attention to Connecticut-made goods. Attention to domestic production is not a new thing (remember the “Made in the USA” symbol that became popular in the 1990s?), but it has taken on a more local aspect with initiatives such as Connecticut Made. This new effort identifies goods that our fellow state residents have contributed to producing. While this program just started (and is based on similar programs in other states and major cities), there are a lot of Connecticut-made goods already available for those interested in exploring the state.

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by Sarah Ficenec, Ph.D.  |    |  Comments 

Changing Perceptions

Hartford, changing perceptions

During the annual “Taste of Hartford” last month, I was fortunate enough to try a restaurant that I have not been to. I admit I had not been to visit because of past negative news by the media about the city of Hartford.  To my surprise the restaurant was packed with a diverse group of people of all ages, and Millennials were a large percent.  The atmosphere was warm and welcoming, and the food was fantastic, as was the service.  We all had a wonderful time, and very positive experience. 

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by Robin Backer  |    |  Comments 

Fiscal Stability and Economic Development

2018 is starting out to be quite the political year here in Connecticut, and the legislature is in session - it’s a short session but it sounds like they are very ambitious about getting some things done, not only on the budget but on economic development issues as well.

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by Bob Santy  |    |  Comments 

A Tale of Two Sentiments

The latest results from the InformCT Consumer Confidence Survey are out and what we’re seeing is a tale of two sentiments. Our respondents from the fourth quarter of 2017 are telling us that they are not feeling confident about overall business conditions. Only 20 percent of our respondents said that they think the state’s economy is improving.

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by Alissa DeJonge  |    |  Comments 

Connecticut is Connected

CERC’s business recruitment team spent the last week hosting our new consultants for German foreign direct investment to the state. After recently contracting ROI (Research on Investment) to attract German companies to establish a presence in Connecticut, Margot Bégin and Thomas Klement—our project manager and in-market representative respectively—spent five days on a comprehensive familiarization tour of the State of Connecticut. If anything was apparent to the consultants after this week, it was this: Connecticut is connected.

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by Jessica Inacio  |    |  Comments