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Exploring Economic Indicators

economic indicators

In this episode of CERCONOMY, CERC's Vice President of Research, Alissa DeJonge, is joined by members of the Research department - Moshi Ying, Rachel Gretencord, and Sarah Ficenec - to discuss the economic indicators that are most important in their work, and what each means for the Connecticut economy.

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by Alissa DeJonge  |    |  Comments 

How Issues Influence the Connecticut Vote

Next Tuesday is Primary Day in Connecticut. As Connecticut residents, we should get out and express our preference for who should represent us in the U.S. Congress, the General Assembly, and as governor for the next few years.

Last quarter, the InformCT Consumer Confidence Survey included a question asking respondents to identify how various issues influence their votes for Congress, GA, and Governor. They were asked whether each issue – including taxes, climate change, and education – was very important, somewhat important, etc. when voting.

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by Sarah Ficenec, Ph.D.  |    |  Comments 

CT Consumer Confidence Survey Results from 2nd Quarter of 2018

Connecticut residents are increasingly upbeat about the state’s economy, expressing more optimism about business conditions and the prospects for an improving economy than has been seen in years. And about two-thirds of Connecticut residents cited employment and jobs, healthcare, and taxes most frequently as very important issues they’ll consider when voting in elections this year – whether the candidates are running for Governor, the state legislature or the U.S. Congress.

Alissa DeJonge, CERC's Vice President of Research, discusses the results of the latest InformCT Connecticut Consumer Confidence Survey.

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Connecticut and the World

This summer, I have had the opportunity to intern at both CERC and the World Affairs Council of Connecticut, another nonprofit, which works to promote global awareness through community engagement. Working at these two nonprofits has allowed me to simultaneously gain a more global perspective, learning about pressing issues across the world, and a more local one, learning about issues that affect the Connecticut economy and its development.

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The Anatomy of a Deal

Last month we talked a little bit about golf as we were at the Travelers Championship and this month, let me remind you all that on Monday, we’re hosting the annual CERC golf tournament - and we’re actually doing it a little differently this year.  We’re having golf starting at 7:30 in the morning, and then a luncheon at 1:30 with a panel. 

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Innovation in the Land of Steady Habits

Innovation in the Land of Steady Habirs

They say there are two seasons in Connecticut: winter and construction. We are well into construction season, we can see roads, buildings and other projects being worked on throughout our state. Some are just simple maintenance. Others are new ideas coming online. One new project a few blocks from my home in south downtown Hartford, is a mixed-use gas station, with a convenience store and food market as well as eight apartments above.

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by Jessica Inacio  |    |  Comments 

On the Ground Economic Development Support for Towns in Connecticut

In this episode of CERCONOMY, Sadie Colcord, CERC's Municipal Services Associate, joins Courtney Hendricson, Vice President of Municipal Services, to discuss the on-the-ground economic development work being done in Beacon Falls and highlight how towns can benefit from a different approach to their economic development efforts.

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How to use Employee Benefits as a Strategic Advantage when Hiring

In this episode, Jason Giulietti, CERC's Vice President of Business Recruitment is joined by Nick Cianci of Compass Total Benefits Solutions to discuss Connecticut's unique requirements for employee benefits and how companies - looking to locate in Connecticut - can strategically design employee benefits packages to be more competitive and attract the right, long-term talent.

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by Jason Giulietti  |    |  Comments 

How Municipalities Can Market Commercial Real Estate Opportunities

Municipal Economic Development Marketing

Across Connecticut, CERC’s municipal and marketing experts have been helping elected officials and town staff market the available commercial real estate within their towns. As part of the team, I have discovered that the most important aspect of a successful marketing campaign is a multi-faceted, multimedia approach to remind people of the local development opportunities that exist. To illustrate this, let’s look at one of the smaller towns we are currently working with to execute a marketing campaign. Without marketing, the town would probably not be top of mind for a developer or broker in Connecticut because of its small size, despite its bountiful real estate opportunities, skilled workforce, and well-connected transportation system.

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by Sadie Colcord  |    |  Comments