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Cohousing Communities: Can Connecticut Benefit?

In this episode of the CERCONOMY podcast, Alissa DeJonge, CERC's VP of Research, is joined by Patricia McLaughlin, our Governance and Research Analyst, to discuss cohousing - planned communities of private homes clustered around shared space. Cohousing combines private homes with benefits of shared common facilities such as laundry facilities, recreational areas, and guest suites.  This structure affords the opportunity for residents to age in place, and is a more sustainable approach to living.

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Using a Fiscal Health Analysis to Support the Municipal Budgeting Process

The decline in property values after 2008 created remarkable challenges for Connecticut municipalities, which rely heavily on property taxes to fund local government. Many towns receive over 90% of their revenue from property tax; yet between 2008 and 2016, only 8 of the 169 municipalities experienced an increase in their real (inflation-adjusted) net grand list—which means the vast majority of Connecticut’s towns have experienced an erosion of purchasing power over the last several years. At the same time, budget issues at the state level have resulted in declining aid to municipalities, and other trends such as demographic shifts and regional economic conditions may impact local fiscal performance over the longer term.

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LaunchEZ: Connecting Entrepreneurs with the Best Matched Resources

In this episode, Beth Wallace, CERC's Director of Business Services, is joined by Tim Laubacher, the owner of Sound Web Solutions and developer of the LaunchEZ platform, a tool for entrepreneurs in Connecticut. Listen to learn more about the platform's benefits for entrepreneurs and new businesses, as well as how partner organizations from across the state can receive exposure to an ever expanding audience of the entrepreneurial community.

To register for an upcoming road show event, please visit http://www.launchez.com/road-show. To add your organization as a resource provider, follow these directions http://www.launchez.com/How-To-Add

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Becoming Podcast #525,001

Podcasts aren’t new. Previously known as "audioblogging," podcasting has roots dating back to the 1980s. But with the birth of broadband internet, and portable digital audio devices (the iPod), podcasts really started to catch hold in late 2004.   FastCompany estimates that there are 18.5 million episodes contributing to over 525,000 syndicated podcasts! I haven’t dared to even think of how many hours of podcasts that adds up to… anyone care to do the math?

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Global to Local

Many of you may have heard our CEO, Bob Santy, discuss our Global to Local approach regarding attracting global companies while being prepared to welcome them locally. This concept has very much become a reality. CERC, in partnership with the Department of Economic Development, has developed and continues to execute a complex international business attraction strategy. Couple this with our efforts at the municipal level that now includes two full-time employees and a consultant working with towns across the state. This effort has recently been recognized by the International Economic Development Council (IEDC), and my colleague, Courtney Hendricson are excited to be presenting at the IEDC Annual Conference in Atlanta this October.

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Global to Local: Welcoming International Investments in Your Community

In this episode of CERCONOMY, Courtney Hendricson and Jason Giulietti share the concept of Global to Local, and how CERC partners with the CT Department of Economic and Community Development to attract international investment to the state.  Learn ways that your municipality and economic development commission can prepare to successfully attract and welcome new companies to your community.

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Connecticut's Opportunity Zones

Hello and welcome to the August edition of the CERC e-newsletter.

This month I want to talk about Opportunity Zones.  Opportunity Zones are included in the new federal tax legislation and its a new tool for economic developers to bring investment into your communities.  You have to be a designated opportunity zone and there are 27 communities in Connecticut that have 72 opportunity zones.

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Streamlining the Land-Use Regulatory Process

More important than any incentive or other financial benefit, a predictable and consistent land use process is what will help your town translate development proposals into real tax-paying projects that improve the town’s business community, as well as motivate residents and businesses to expand and renovate their properties.

Join CERC’s VP of Municipal Services, Courtney Hendricson, on this episode of CERCONOMY to understand how the most important component for a land-use regulatory process to function successfully is that the process be predictable and consistent.

Download the checklist we use as part of the municipal self-assessment and benchmark your land-use regulatory process. 

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Municipal Marketing

municipal marketing

In this episode of CERCONOMY, Courtney Hendricson is joined by Kristi Sullivan, CERC's VP of Marketing, to discuss the important facets of building a marketing plan for your municipality, and shares a review of a recent marketing project completed for the town of Washington, Connecticut.

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Economic Development is a Contact Sport

Economic Development is a Contact Sport

"We are Open for Business," words you often see when a municipality wants to reflect how business friendly they are. But these are just empty words if they are not backed by action. News travels fast among commercial realtors and developers if a community is not actually business friendly. The phrase time is money is an absolute truth in the world of commercial development. If a developer is concerned that their project is going to be delayed, blocked or flat-out denied, they will move on to the next town before even starting.

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