CERC +1 (860) 571-7136


CERC is funded in part by local utility and telecommunication companies - below is a list of our key funders and representative board members:

Jack Arsego, Michael Ausere

Regional Water Authority
Edward "Ted" Norris (treasurer) 
The United Illuminating Company
Albert Carbone

Connecticut Municipal Electric Energy Cooperative
Jake Pagragan
Connecticut Natural Gas
Erik Robie

Public Utilities Regulatory Authority
Michael Caron
Southern Connecticut Gas
Virginia Kozlowski

Office of Consumer Counsel
William L. Vallée (secretary)
Connecticut Water Company
Dan Meaney, Jr.

Department of Economic & Community Development
Bart Kollen (vice chair), David Kooris
Aquarion Water Company Pullman & Comley
Brad Mondschein

Garrett Sheehan (at-large member) Robert Santy (CEO)