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Demographic Analyses and Reports

Demographic Analyses
Data on the number and characteristics of people and households in selected areas are key to any business location, expansion or startup decisions. All businesses require workers, and consumer-oriented businesses need additional data on personal and household income, growth prospects and market size. Government and nonprofit agencies have an ongoing need for detailed information on populations-at-risk, concentrations of low-income households, population growth, number of new labor force entrants and so forth.

CERC has the most current estimates of Connecticut's population size and characteristics of any organization in the state. We have estimates of population and households for every town, Census tract and block group in the state.  We also have five-year growth projections at the same level of detail. Our analytic skills, coupled with these rich data sources and the CERC Town Profiles are invaluable assets.

Demographic Reports
CERC demographic reports are one-time-use reports for a client's particular project, such as entrepreneurs looking to identify markets and competitor locations as they create business plans or real estate brokers evaluating potential sites for a development.

Other uses include:

  • Defining the geographic parameters of a market area
  • Identifying the demographic distribution within a market area
  • Comparing the demographic characteristics of two or more market areas
  • Demonstrating the potential of a market area
  • Analyzing the demographic changes that impact a market area
  • Predicting the growth or decline of a market area

Choose From These Types
Demographic reports are available from CERC, and each report comes with a map highlighting the data in the selected geographic area. Click the blue links to see a sample of each report. These are our standard reports; others are available. See "Order Information" below.

Detailed Demographic Report
This tabular report is provided as a comma-separated value (CSV) or Microsoft Excel file and may include current year, projections and historic data in the areas of:

  • Population
  • Age
  • Income
  • Number of households
  • Number of employers
  • Number of vehicles
  • Educational attainment
  • Marital status

Income by Age Report
This report also is provided as a CSV or Excel file but is focused solely on the income and age data for the defined geographic region.

Executive Demographic Report
For those looking for more than just the data, this text report provided in either Microsoft Word or Excel is based upon data pulled from a detailed demographic report.

Market Report
This is a market report for a retail facility that estimates populations, household incomes, and household expenditures for a number of a set of consumer retail categories. It would be used by people wanting to start a small business or to purchase an existing business.  It may provide some of the basic background information for the market area necessary for acquiring a bank loan.  The time lengths for the drive time areas are adjustable and circular mileage radii lengths are also available.